Drew a ton so far…

this week. Now that I m fully recovered I ve been hitting the card tables and the drawing board with a vengeance. I ve done 2 life drawing sessions and 2 sessions at the altes museum as well to practice my hand at the portraits using the roman busts as models. They sat still and didnt really mind the attention from what I could tell. Guess they are used to it.

First up is this roman lady and its the second of the 2 studies I did. Theres a lot I like about it and am overall pleased as progress is being made but I m still having problems with some structural aspects. You just can t fake it when it comes to these busts as mistakes are so glaring but its good as once I get it sorted the rest of my drawings will be greatly strengthened imo. Or at least thats what I hope.

This is the first portrait of the week. I was doing some experimenting with an idea so its not as clean as I d like. I toned the paper with some charcoal and planned to do the darker tones with graphite and put in the lighter tones with my kneaded eraser and use some white pastel or charcoal if I wanted them lighter. Didnt quite turn out how I had imagined but I got some ideas to improve the results.

These are last weeks session. I got a new roll of cheap paper for the drawing sessions and I m digging it quite a bit. Its some recycled stuff that has a nice grey midtone and takes charcoal quite well imo.

These photos show the actual color of the paper better. I have a lot of fun with the charcoal as you can really get in there with it and get dirty. Sometimes it really feels like your sculpting the form out of the paper as the charcoal is so malleable. Sometimes its kinda random though and hard to control but sometimes you happen upon some far out effect.


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