Been down with a cold

But I m back and ready to pump out some more drawing action. I havent been completely out of action so I do have some new work to show but didnt hit the life drawing as I felt it was pretty rude to go while fairly sick with a cold. I have hit the museum a couple times though and got some work from there to show. I also discovered that a church close to the museums here is a museum itself where they showcase a bunch of 18-19th century sculpture. Its pretty awesome for the drawing as the works are nicely lit up by the natural light. Its still not as awesome as having the work in your own studio with optimal lighting but what ya going to do? I m def never going to have a whole hall of life size marble works in my studio either.

First up is a bargue that I ve completed lately. This one was tough and its not as spot on as the last one I did but I learnt a lot. A big lesson here was learning how to manipulate your edges between different degrees of hard and soft. I let my soft edges get hard on the right side of the tone and I really paid the price as it took a lot of effort in order to get them reasonable again.

This is a torso from a hellenistic hero or leader from the altes museum here in berlin. Its the 2nd study I ve done of this sculpture as its pretty far out and lit fairly well imo. I did this over 3 sessions so about 6-7 hrs. Its the first time Ive done a study from life this long and I m happy with the result.

This is from a bust at the church I was talking about earlier. I spent about 2.5hrs on this one and I am pleased. Obv wasnt able to get it very detailed but I did try to get the most important details in a least. I really struggle with portrait type drawings as they are supremely unforgiving and theres loads of pre installed symbols in our minds that get in the way of seeing whats there. I think this is a reasonable start for getting better at these though and I m going to go back to the museums and do more of these drawings of busts.

And to end we got a selection of life drawings from a couple weeks ago. Been working with charcoal again some and I sadly threw my chalk on the ground and it broke into 4 pieces. I went to the store and got a pastel pencil to replace it though so I don t need to smash the whole thing when I drop it next time. I m going to do more work with charcoal pencil as well i think as I like the dark definition of charcoal but the vine stuff is too loose and difficult to control to keep the drawing nice and tight in a 15 min time span.


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