Went to both life drawing sessions with week and got some interesting results. The monday session was some actor from australia. I ve seen him before and he s a good model who makes an effort to make dynamic and interesting poses. Last nights session was I think a english girl who kinda lacked a bit of life in her poses but the drawings still turned out interesting. I find the bargue studies are effecting my life drawing in strange ways. I feel less able to just “let go” and draw as I go about it in such a analytical way. On the other hand I m focusing more and getting the proportions down well and trying to capture the nuances of their body. Eventually my eyes will be well trained and I can eye out the angles and proportions easily and I ll be able to draw more freely and naturally and the drawings will be more powerful as I ll be able to implement both sides of the equation at the same time.

I think this is one of my strongest in a while. Dudes are hard to draw I find as their form isnt as nice and curvy. I like the feeling of energy that is conveyed in this pose.

I don t know if its noticeable but I approached this one from a different angle. I drew in the highlights first then filled in the darks which is opposite of how I do it normally.


As you ve probably noticed this girl loved lying down poses. I took a lot of time trying to make sure her legs where in proportion(I love to give people long legs when they lie down) and getting details like her knees.



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