Heel plate done

I managed to bang out the 2nd heel from the bargue plate. I used the lessons I learnt from the last one and did it with record accuracy, time and also managed not to get overly frustrated with any part of it. Guess I m getting better at this which is good cause the drawings will be getting more complex although I m not in a huge hurry to get to the really hard ones as I d like to hone my technique on the easier ones still. I think generally the course is well paced so shouldnt be a problem.

I basically didnt do a ton of measuring and relied more on the relation of the angles to each other to get the accuracy. As long as your paying attention and being careful things should look off enough that you ll notice a difference if its more then 1mm out of line. It also is way less tedious and easier on the head which saves energy for when your trying to fine tune the drawing to bring it to a full finish.


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