Bargue heel finished!

Just finished another drawing from the “Course de Dessin” by Charles Bargue today. Pretty exciting as its clearly another improvement from the last one however I still got some work to do to fully nail one of these beasts esp when you consider how crazy complex they get farther in the course.

I still need to fully analyse it. They recommend taking some tracing paper and tracing the original to see how close you got with your reproduction. I really had a hell of a time with the bottom left section on where the heel, shadows and the block its on intersect. After some thinking and reading more about what to do I ve realized I m not paying attention to the angles of the lines. Hard to explain but I think I learnt something fundamental and important doing this drawing. Another thing that was hard to judge was how dark to go with the darkest tones. The paper is white but the bargue is on a bit of a tones surface so you can t go quite as dark with the reproduction. Overall its a success but still a lot of work to do.



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