Life drawing, Hellenistic hero, and a bargue

Got some sad new s this week. I got beaten by the bargue leg and had to put it down for the moment. As I was working through it more I was just noticing soooooo many not so subtle errors. In the photos it looks ok but those are forgiving for sure. It just got to the point where trying for a accurate copy was not feasible anymore and where you learn from the exercise is by pushing your visual capabilities to the max and getting it super accurate. It basically was just tilting the hell out of me and the exercise was becoming big time diminishing returns.

However LOTs was learned and thats what matters! I developed some technique for getting a really fine texture with the graphite as well as realizing where my weaknesses are and why Im not managing to conquer these drawings. I m basically not nailing the first few steps of the procedure where supreme care and accuracy is called for or else you suffer for another 40 hrs trying to work with a poorly executed blockin and plan. So I ve returned to the basics and have started working on the exercises at the beginning of the book where they step you through the procedure.

This is the first drawing I ve completed since returning to the beginning of the book. If you look closely you can see some definite inaccuracies esp on the right one but I m working on nailing the blockin so I can pull off a accurate copy soon.

I also went to the Altes museum this week to draw from the sculptures they have kicking around. They opened the lower level that was closed for whatever reason so I went to check it out. The whole level is about ancient greece and the sculptures they produced. Its unreal what they did over 2000 yrs ago. I found a torso of a Hellenistic hero and drew it for about 1-1 1/2 hrs.

By far the best of the 2 museum drawings I ve done. I do wanna do a 20hr+ study of one over a few days and really get something far out together. This is pretty cool but its clearly rushed and not fully finished.

And finally again some life drawing. Standard 10-15 min poses. This time I used these graphite pencils I have kicking around that are all graphite and no wood. They act somewhat like charcoal and goes down quickly which is obv nice for the short poses. I also got a harder stick of white chalk and its soo much better as I have a easier time putting in the light layer of it that I want. Its easy to overpower the drawing with white.

I enjoy these ones. I think they have a better sense of volume then earlier ones.


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