This weeks variety show

2 posts worth of completed drawing didnt happen this week so I m going to post up a little collection of what was done. First up is mondays life drawings. I used graphite for the first time in forever at as well as some different paper I had kicking around. The combination of different medium and being a bit not totally in my A game resulted in some weaker drawings but they are still kinda interesting. What I m happy about is if I compare them to a weaker night of drawing a few weeks ago they are much stronger so this means that my C game drawing is getting better. This is important as the stronger your C game gets the easier it is to get your A game stronger. One of the many lessons I ve learnt playing poker.

Next is a drawing of my fist. I did a couple quick sketches of my hand due to some inspiration from my good friends Dave and Jen after a international skype party we had the other day. Its just a quick 20 min study or so but I like it.

Last is the my current progress with that bargue drawing. Friggin thing is busting my head but I m working through it. I m learning lots of interesting things like working out how to see the shapes of the shadow areas and getting the fine edge control. Its just so tedious some times as to get the nicest texture of tones you need to use a super super sharp pencil and go sloooowwwwwly. One day it ll be done and I m learning a lot in the process and thats what its all about. Finishing work just means you have something new for the wall.

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