Epic life drawing session

I went to the life drawing last night and concentrated on improving my drawings in the way that I had talked about in the last post. Stonger line work and better use of the hatching shading technique and I d like to say that it was a overwhelming success so far. I do 8-10 drawings in a session and often the first few poses are pretty weak while I get into the groove and sometimes the last is lacking cause i m getting tired. This time though even the weakest where strong comparatively.



I think one of the main reasons they ve become stronger is my work with that drawing from the bargue drawing course. It really seems to work on all the main skills needed to see proportion and breakdown complex lines into something manageable. I hadnt worked on one in a while but after watching that little presentation about the hows and why s of the academic method by Micheal John Angel it got me excited about it again as I understood what those drawings teach and why its important. They are long and tedious so it really helps to know why the heck your putting yourself through such a process.


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