Brown toned paper 2

These are the results from mondays life drawing session. I used the same materials as last week but remembered to avoid a lot of what wasnt working. I used less white chalk and also used more of a hatching technique to represent the tones on the model rather then blending the charcoal. I think overall it works better.


What made the session a bit more interesing is she brought some props like this juggling pin. I think she was some kind of performer as she could use them as well.

I like the effect of the white to seperate the scarf from the model. I don t think it was executed as well or finely as I d like but 10 min doesnt allow time for any refinement.

Often I shy away from drawing the models face as they are complex with lots of little details and it often doesnt add a TON to the gesture of the pose as long as you have the shape and direction of the head accurately drawn. This pose obv was all about the face so had to go with it here.

Best for last imo. The prop isnt well drawn but i think the pose was great and I like the way I captured the gesture.

Overall I m pretty happy with this weeks results so far. Tonight theres another session and i m going to work on stronger line work and also finer and more varied hatching if time allows.

I havent posted any longer studies lately as I ve been breaking my head over this bargue drawing at home. I got a bit ambitious and bit off a bit more I could chew with this one as my understanding of how to make a strong block in which is the scaffolding that supports the rest of the drawing isnt as strong as it should be for tackling a drawing this complex. Long subtle lines and many subtle tones make it a challenging work to copy.  I ve put in the base tones and started on the midtones this morning so hopefully it should only be another week or so till its done. Despite learning a lot of this drawing I m going to go back and copy a bunch of the simpler drawings to strengthen  my understanding of the earlier stanges of producing such a refined work.


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