White Pastel

This monday I added another element to my life drawing. Instead of only using charcoal on the newsprint I brought along a couple sticks of white pastel so I can bring out the highlights a bit more. The results where interesting. I think  the newsprint isnt quite dark enough of a midtone but it still comes out and you def have to learn how much of it to use. Going overboard really can complicate a drawing that should be as simple as possible. I ve been shopping around for rolls of another kind of paper to use and I m looking to add using a white like this to my regular repertoire. I found a paper thats only like 3.50 for 20m of it and its a nice midtone brown similar to cardboard that will also be nice with sanguine pastel/chalk as well so I think thats going to be my next choice. I just would like to mix it up a bit and use something different mostly for interest.


This is one of the more interesting ones. I started by rubbing charcoal over the whole page as she was setting up. I then went over with a chamois and blocked out her basic form and went from there.

I enjoy the simplicity of this one.

This pose was super awkward. Tons of foreshortening and she was bent up in a strange twist. Despite my difficulties rendering the figure I think it has some interesting energy.


So there you go. My first experience drawing with both charcoal and pastel. Enjoy!

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