A summary so far.

November 2010 I found a copy of “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. After going through her exercises and learning about  how to approach drawing I came across “Drawing lessons from the Great Masters” by Robert Beverly Hale and wow what a book. The explanations are unreal and the images are beyond inspiring.  After that I was hooked on learning how to draw the figure in an effective manner. I found a group here in berlin to do life studies and surfed the internets for ideas on how to improve till I came across the “Course de Dessin” by Charles Bargue. It’s a tome of exercises to learn 19th century french academic drawing techniques that hone your ability to see and draw with refined excellence. I’ve also bought some strofoam models of basic shapes to do still life studies to gain a better understanding of form and eventually I’m likely to buy a cast or 2 of some classic sculptures to further increase that understanding. One day I plan on moving onto painting but getting an extremely strong foundation in drawing seems by far the best plan if I plan on pursuing representational visual art.

Berlin Life drawing

This is from my first session at the life drawing. The following are some of my favs from the last 3 months. They are all 10-15min poses. 

Home Studies

From the 3rd section of the bargue book. I drew it 2.5x the original size for a change of pace and to see what different things could be learnt.

My most successful attempt at a traditional copy from the bargue book.

A tonal study using charcoal of my sphere.

Its been quite the ride so far and I m learning new things about this all the time. I’m contemplating taking this figurative art all the way and going to school but theres a lot of options and different paths to take. As of now the academic approach appeals to me due to their intense training of the figure and technique. I still have a lot of work to do and options to explore (and money to save) before I make any real decisions though.


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